How to Remove Pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables ?


How to Remove Pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables ?

In Recent times,Pesticide usage has increased tremendously.

Almost 99% of crops are treated with Chemical Pesticides. The residue of pesticides remains while you buy them in grocery stores.The chemical residue doesn’t go off easily.

What & How This is Done ?

There are 3 Types of Chemical Agents.

1.Ripening Agents

Fruits like banana and mangoes are treated with ripening agents. Mostly Calcium Carbide.

Calcium Carbide reacts with moisture to form Acetylene which mimics natural ripener,Ethylene.

The industrial calcium carbide contains heavy metals like Lead and Arsenic which are dangerous for human body.

2.Coating Agents

Wax and DPA(Diphenylamine) are used mostly on fruits like grapes and apples and almost every Exotic fruits and vegetables.

Coating agents preserve the moisture and consistency of fruits so that they look fresh for longer.

Wax is a petroleum product.

DPA reacts with nitrogen to form Nitrosamine which is a suspected carcinogen.

What is the Solution ?

1.Do not eat anything which is not in season.

2.Ditch the foreign foods and choose local produce.

In Local produce,

Less chances of Wax,DPA and other chemicals

Local foods are always cheaper

The food grown locally is more easily absorbed by the body.

Helps the local farmers and country Economy.


Systematic pesticides are put at the bottom of the tree nearer to the roots,so that they are absorbed by the plant and they will be in the leaves,stem,fruits and flowers for about 10 – 15 weeks.

These pesticides protect the plant from pests that penetrate the skin to suck out the liquid inside.

Contact pesticides are sprayed on the surface of fruits,plants and vegetables.This residue of these pesticides remain on the fruits and vegetables when we buy them at a grocery store.

Proven method to Remove 98% Pesticides :

Step 1 : Put contaminated fruits & vegetables in a container.

Step 2 : Pour enough water so that they are properly soaked.

Step 3 : Put about one tablespoon of Baking Soda.

Step 4 : Leave the container as it is for 15 – 20 minutes

Step 5 : Wash them thoroughly with running tap water.

Step 6 : After washing,fruits and vegetables are fit for use.

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) :

Baking Soda is known for its alkalizing nature which reduces the affect of pesticides to as much as 98%.Studies have proven this.

This is Easy and very effective method for remove pesticides from fruits and Vegetables.



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